attic insulation

Chances are, your home is one of the millions of dwellings in the United States that is under-insulated.

Most existing homes in the Allentown, Bethlehem and Lehigh Valley area are not insulated as well as they should be. If you want to substantially reduce energy costs and decrease the amount of energy required for heating and cooling, this is a great place to start.

Blown-in fiberglass insulation covers every nook and cranny in the attic space, even those inaccessible areas. It can be installed directly over the existing insulation. It can also be blown into the side walls of existing homes.

With this in mind, attics need to be insulated to the highest R-value because of its critical location in the flow pattern. In addition, a well insulated attic must be adequately ventilated to prevent moisture accumulation and promote proper air movement.

We recommend that homeowners insulate their attics to meet the standard state energy code of R-38 or greater. The higher the R-Value, the greater the insulation power.

Anything less than this, can mean wasted money going right through the roof!

attic stairway Insulator

The attic door insulation is the largest gap in home insulation, increasing heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. That’s why you should get a Draft Cap!

Made of durable dust-free expanded polystyrene foam, the draft cap will reduce heat loss and heat gain and help you save on your heating and cooling bills. Lightweight and easily installed in less than 5 minutes, the draft cap attic staircase insulator satisfies all current energy building codes for insulation over the attic access panel with an R-value of +11.

R-value: R means resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating value.
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Price: $110.00 Installed when purchased with other insulation services**

  • Energy is lost through the uninsulated attic stair access panel.
  • Draft Cap covers your attic stairway.
  • Opens to prevent air flow.
  • Heat rising up into the attic in the winter months adds to warming of the roof, which increases the possible formation ice dams.

ceiling insulation

basement & garage

Insulating a basement/ garage ceiling will save on heating and energy costs dramatically. People often believe that insulating these areas is not necessary. While it’s true that warm air rises, warm air can still be lost regardless of direction through an un-insulated barrier. This includes the basement rim band/joist areas as well.


Light commercial:

  • Lee Gribben’s On Main
  • Lehigh County Detox Center
  • Lehigh University, Classrooms & Study Lounges
  • Lehigh Valley International Airport
  • Lutheran Home at Topton
  • Moravian Academy
  • Moravian College, Attics
  • Moravian Hall Square
  • Nazareth School District
  • Northampton Food Bank
  • Numerous Churches
  • Perkins
  • Ruby Tuesday
  • Salem UCC Boyscout Hall
  • Swain School
  • Terminex Office
  • 3900 Hamilton Office Complex

pole buildings:

Our specialty! Inquire about our application.

new construction

Lehigh Valley Insulation is experienced at insulating everything from small cottages to more complex, larger homes. Regardless of the size or use of the building, we pride ourselves in doing every job right the first time with superior quality insulation services.

Our company adheres to 3 basic principles:

  • Use the best materials available
  • Install to the highest standards
  • Provide fair and reasonable pricing

Our work at Lehigh Valley Insulation is superior because our employees are paid hourly instead of by piece work. Many insulation installers are paid for speed, not accuracy. All the emphasis is on quantity and not quality. This can result in a high turnover of employees, which leads to inexperienced installers on the job. The insulation installers at Lehigh Valley Insulation are experienced installers, who are detail oriented.

Should you make the decision to have a better insulated home, whether it’s new construction or an older home, call Lehigh Valley Insulation to discuss your insulation service needs.

exterior sidewall

It is possible to insulate almost any home, and a home’s sidewalls are no exception.

As fuel and electrical power costs continue to rise, it makes even more sense to invest in exterior wall insulation. This measure will help maintain a uniform temperature throughout the house.

Lehigh Valley Insulation specializes in existing exterior wall re-insulation & insulation installation. We have perfected many methods of gaining access to this area, which involves minimal disturbance to the structure. Each application is unique and customized to your particular needs.

If you are unhappy with a “cold and drafty” or “hot and uncomfortable” home, call the professionals at Lehigh Valley Insulation for a home review.

sound control

Lehigh Valley Insulation has been installing sound material around bathrooms, laundry rooms, home theater rooms and master bedrooms with much success and customer satisfaction.

Consumers are always looking for ways to “soundproof” their homes and diminish unwanted noises from the inside as well as the outside. Minimizing sound transmission through the walls and floors can be accomplished by using loose fill, blown-in fiberglass or unfaced fiberglass sound batting. Using soundproof insulation for walls, completely filling the partition cavity, is an ideal solution to this annoying problem.

Thermafiber Sound Attenuation Fire Blankets (SAFB) are the best way to stop sound in wall and floor-ceiling assemblies. SAFB are manufactured from slag, a by-product of iron-ore reduction and naturally occurring rock. Because of this composition, Thermafiber SAFB is a highly fire resistant insulation. Thus many of the systems this product is used in have high fire ratings as well as sound ratings.

A fire test conducted according to ASTM E119 test procedure showed that Thermafiber insulation remained intact at temperatures in excess of 2,000°F for 5 hours. Tests prove that Thermafiber SAFB is the best performance value for multi-family residential projects, hotels and motels, offices and retail businesses. The mineral fiber blankets are resilient enough to fit around obstacles, yet are rigid enough to stand up well in stud cavities.


Our experienced team has two different industrial insulation vacuums to make insulation removal quick and easy for all types of damaged or contaminated material.

Whether it’s fire, smoke or water damage, blown-in insulation (wet or dry) can be vacuumed and deposited into 75 cubic feet disposable, collection bags or directly into trash dumpsters.

We also remove and dispose of conventional rolled batting as well.