PPL Rebates Application

To learn more, download the current PPL Electric Utilities E-power Insulation Rebate Application Form. You’ll learn much more about the program and how much it can benefit you by checking out the link.

Referral Program

Refer a friend, family member or business associate and receive a $25 Gift Card. It’s as simple as that. But more importantly, the reason you should refer us to others is because of our dedication to quality results and our willingness to stand behind the work that we do. No matter what part of your home or property we are insulating, we follow the best methods and use professional grade equipment to get seamless results.
Lehigh Valley Insulation’s Referral Program was developed to thank our customers and friends for their valued support. We care about our customers and only want the best for their homes and properties. You can count on our team to insulate any space with maximum efficiency. We understand that no matter what time of year it is, insulating your home or property from the elements is important to keep it comfortable and also cut down on energy costs. When someone refers us to their friends, family members, or business associates, resulting in a service provided by Lehigh Valley Insulation due to that referral, we will mail the person submitting the referral a $25 Gift Card. Be sure to let us know about the referral before the work is completed, so that the gift card can be awarded.

Tax rebate certificate

To learn more, download and print the Tax Rebate Certificate.

Energy star federal tax credit